San Marcos, CA Real Estate: Looking Back at 2023 and Ahead to 2024

Hey there, folks! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and recap the wild ride that was the San Marcos real estate market in 2023. Low inventory, sky-high interest rates, and fewer home sales than usual made for an interesting year, but hey, property values stayed strong through it all.

Now, let’s dust off our crystal ball and make some predictions for the 92078 and 92069 zip codes, including homes and condos.

Recap of San Marcos CA REal Estate 2023:

Low Inventory: You know the struggle was real when it came to finding available homes in San Marcos last year. With so few properties on the market, it was like a game of musical chairs – buyers scrambling to snag a seat at the homeownership table.

High Interest Rates For Home Buyers in San Marcos:

Whoa, those interest rates were no joke in 2023. They were up there, making it a bit tougher for buyers to stretch their budgets and secure a mortgage. But hey, where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

Fewer Home San Marcos Sales:

The numbers don’t lie – home sales were down in 2023. Blame it on the inventory shortage or the financing challenges, but the bottom line is, there were fewer transactions happening than we’re used to seeing.

Strong San Marcos Property Values:

Despite all the hurdles, property values in San Marcos held their ground like champs. Limited supply and high demand kept those values climbing, which was good news for homeowners and investors.

Forecast for 92078 and 92069 Homes:

As we look ahead, the hunger for single-family homes in the 92078 and 92069 areas isn’t going anywhere. With inventory still tight, sellers can expect to see prices continue to rise, while buyers may need to bring their A-game in competitive bidding situations.

San Marcos Condos

If you’re eyeing the condo scene, things are looking pretty solid. Affordability and lifestyle perks make condos an attractive option, especially with the limited supply of single-family homes. It’s a win-win for buyers looking to dive into the San Marcos real estate scene.

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